Trauma in Therapy

“Our brokenness summons light into the deepest crevices in our hearts.” 
― Shauna L Hoey

Every one of us has experienced events that we just couldn’t take in or process at the time and those emotions and sensations can leave us stuck. Sometimes those events are big, sometimes small but impactful, it could be one event or many over time. Sometimes they occur before we can even remember or at a time when they were too much for us to remember. These events can make life more difficult and working with them can be just the thing we need to move forward and become even more free and whole. I use a mixture of somatic work, breath and reprocessing techniques. My understanding of the nervous system comes from a love of polyvagal theory which helps inform my understanding of the nervous system and how we can work with it in therapy.


What to Expect

Every therapist is unique human being with their own personality, way of working, and specific skill and temperament. Our therapeutic relationship will be different than anyone else’s. I encourage clients to find a therapist that clicks with them. My personality is kind and warm but also very soft and intuitive. I keep my office a warm and colorful a place to encourage exploration. I want all my clients to connect to their inner child and feel invited and free to express themselves. I am very welcoming and non-judgmental, reliable and trustworthy. I consider therapy a sacred space where All of you is welcome.